Rubber Mats

Made from natural rubber, Rubber mats are clean, dust and odour free. The advantages of rubber mats are, easy to clean, high shock absorbency. These mats are designed to be soft, warm & dry. Our mats ensure that all wet and soiled material can be removed quickly.

Coir Mats

Coir Door mats are eco-friendly and biodegradable as they are made out of coir fiber which is extracted from the outer husks of a coconut. … These are made from the finest quality coir fiber and are extremely durable and long lasting and easily brush dirt off shoes.These coir mats offer an elegant, natural addition to any doorway, entrance, or walkway.

Rubber Backed PP Mats

These mats are made with Rubber and polypropylene. The anti-slip rubber back finishing gives grip to the floor and prevents movement of the mat on the floor. Polypropylene fabric on the top side dries quickly and will not fade or rot. Rubber reinforced surface, borders and backing give floor mats maximum strength. Ideal for moderate to indoor and outdoor areas.

Jute & Cotton Rugs

Coir Mats Rubber Backed PP Mats Jute Rugs & Cotton Rugs These rugs are eco-friendly and made from all-natural fibers to create a soft, calming feeling in rooms. These rugs have a wide variety of weave styles, colors and even simple patterns, Hand spun Jute Rug or carpet brings a magnificent, chunky texture to any space.

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